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Rant #1

Sunday, November 9th, 2008

Sometime I just need to rant to cool myself down a little. Rather than bringing it out on unsuspecting strangers (well, it usually got out to that stranger in my imagination), I thought it might be better for my blood pressure to actually write them down. I mean, I am getting older, high blood pressure isn’t something I want to be playing around with anymore.

On clueless educator:
If you did not know about x, do not blabber as if you know what x is. It is okay if you say, “I’m not familiar with x, would you mind explaining it?” It is not okay to say, “I think x is not good because of a” where clearly x and a has no relation.

On Javascript and Java:
Javascript is not Java. The only similarities between them are the four consecutive letters they share and the fact that both of them use C-style syntax and has garbage collector. In all other aspects, they are not the same. Read my previous post1 and tell me which part is the same? Even with regards to OOP, they differ.

On writing a short treatise:
My fault. But I realize that writing a 20-30 pages manuscript on something that’s close to your heart is still hard as hell. It takes a lot of thoughts to make it interesting and to not write too long. I mean, people wrote books about those 20-30 pages I’m supposed to write.

For reading through my rant… A present: js2-mode for emacs. A friend asked me what I used for Javascript syntax highlighting in emacs. js2-mode is the answer.

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