Hello there… I’ve been pretty swamped recently (and hence the lack of postings). I just moved early January, still acclimatizing to the hot and humid climate after the cold pre-winter season. I sweared constantly the first few days after I moved, but I’m getting used to the weather. In fact, I’m starting to think that it’s great. I’ve been sweating often and it’s a good sign for my obese body.

Enough on the rant. I have been working on quite a few interesting things. I’m also taking several advanced courses that should help me with my weak maths; though, on the other hand, I’ve been pummeled by the difficulty as well. I hope I’ll survive.

So expect to hear more from me on things I’m working on now: webapps performance, general performance modeling, static analysis, concurrent programming, and more C++. Hopefully I will have more time soon and I can restart my nascent blogging habit. Wish me luck!

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