Thanksgiving resolution: Ruby & Python

Finally, thanksgiving is over. And I made a resolution. I’m going to learn Ruby, the language (probably Rails too, but let’s keep to Ruby first).

I have enough people now telling me that Ruby is a pretty language. Sure there are tonnes of implementations out there that don’t meet industry standard, but it surely is improving. And you know, Java didn’t start as fast as it is now. I am convinced now.

While I’m at it, I have to learn Python too. (This one is a “have to”.) I’ll very likely need this language next year since I’m hoping to do quite a bit of text processing next year. While text processing (as in things like log processing) can be boring, they are really just a means to an end for me. I have this really interesting goal right in front of me. But I suspect it’ll involve a lot of experimentation and log crawling and processing. Therefore: Python.

Okay, Ruby & Python, here I come!

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