GMail Themes (and its launch faux pas)

Oh my!! Did you see the new GMail themes feature?? It’s freakin’ awesome! No seriously. Within minutes, I’ve found my favorite among those themes: the pebbles theme! The color scheme is absolutely pleasent, complete with transparent bars.

This, together with the label colors lab feature has turned my boring gmail account into a very pleasant color explosion. Soothing and relaxing. :) Try it out if you have an account (or create an account). You know, sometime I think that everyone has a gmail account. When I see an e-mail that is not gmail based, I can’t help feeling delighted (at seeing something not ‘et’ gmail ‘dot’ com).

GMail made a faux pas during the launch of themes. Usually new features will only appears when GMail is refreshed. It seems that this one wasn’t launch that way. The new theme appears halfway on my GMail. It was shocking. I thought something was really wrong with my GMail since the color looks really horrible. Fortunately, the first thing I did was refreshing the page. After refreshing it turns to be quite pleasant (the “default” theme). I thought it might just be my browser. An hour later, a friend was pointing to me that the web snippets (those text at the top of the inbox with text coming from other sites) were virtually unreadable due to the color scheme. My conversation with him was quite funny. We thought that somebody in GMail is so gonna get his arse burned. ;) We were kidding, of course (in case some Googlers read this). I told him to refresh, and he loves it.

(You might also want to try the time-based themes; those are pretty cool as they change with time. I tried the Beach themes, but after awhile, it still doesn’t look as appealing as pebbles.)

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