Child sending naked picture of herself persecuted…

… Really now? Seriously?

This has got to be the stupidest news I’ve seen in awhile. Not to mention the stupidest public persecution in quite awhile too.

Oh and it doesn’t stop there…

A prosecutor says Licking County authorities also considering charges for students who received the photos.

Okay… (Probably no wonder that the county and the school has, well, you know, the word licking in it.) I’m still half-hoping that this is an “onion”-news[1].

On unrelated note, Stoyan Stefanov from YUI blog has just posted a pretty neat article on pngcrush (among other things, like jpeg metadata stripper). This should really be made a common practice nowadays. A friend of mine has even written a short script to automate CSS spriting followed by pngcrush recently. He told me it helps reduce the file size of the sprited PNG by twenty something percent. Not to mention a lot less HTTP requests.

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