On a bike trainer…

So I shall just admit it. I’m fat. I need to bike. But the cold weather doesn’t help. It gets really, really chilling yesterday and I wasn’t really in the mood to complete the daily 20-odd miles ride I’ve done almost everyday. At the end I decided to go to the gym for the first time in years. And guess which machines did I spend the most time on? You’ve got it, the bike trainer!

You know what? The bike trainer is a lot harder than it looks. At first I couldn’t even reach 80 cadence easily. After three to four minutes of trying and adjusting the seats, I realized that the bike trainer beside mine has toeclips (well, it comes close to a toeclips, while it is not really one). So I switched. And it does help! I was maintaining 110-120 cadence for the next one hour on a fatburn program. Burned 900+ calories with average heartrate of 145. Not too shabby huh?

Well, decided that I should be doing more of this. The gym is more controlled, so it’s probably better for losing weight. It gets very boring though. But it can’t be helped, can it?

As an aside, I’ve been thinking of redesigning the basic design of this blog. You know, I really like doing simple web design, though, admittedly, I suck at it. I’ll try to come up with one that utilizes as little images as possible. Yes. That’s a resolution then. If you see this blog in a half-baked stage, it’s probably me being lazy. ;)

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